Lactation Support

Brigitte works with new parents to help find positive solutions for their nursing & bottlefeeding questions and concerns. She is comfortable referring out issues that require a specialist as well as working with other care providers in your team. As a CLC and breastfeeding mother she knows first hand how important it is to first have support and encouragement as well as education about infant feeding. 

Lactation & Feeding Services:

  • Lactation Phone Support (contact me to schedule a time to call) $50/hour

  • Lactation Video Chat (Skype or Facetime) $50/hour

  • Lactation Support Home Visits (contact me to schedule an appointment) $100/hour

    *locations outside of N. Quincy may have an additional fee for travel time*

  • Lactation Office Visits (Contact me to schedule an appointment) $75/hour 

Pre/ Postnatal Consulting

Brigitte often gets requests for resources, information, and online support. While she would love to answer emails, messages, texts, and calls pro-bono it takes up a large portion of her time she needs to spend with clients, teaching her students, or raising her children. If you have been sent to this page via link it is a suggestion to hire Brigitte for online consulting. This fee is for 30 mins-1 hour or phone support. It may be accompanied by an additional email or text with resources. Additional texts will sometimes require a new call and fee. $25