Lactation Support

Brigitte works with new parents to help find positive solutions for their Breast & Bottlefeeding questions and concerns. She is comfortable referring out issues that require a specialist as well as working with other care providers in your team. As a CLC and breastfeeding mother she knows first hand how important it is to first have support and encouragement as well as education about breast/ chestfeeding. 

Lactation & Feeding Services:

  • Lactation Phone Support (contact me to schedule a time to call) $20/hour
  • Lactation Video Chat (Skype or Facetime) $25/hour
  • Lactation Support Home Visits (contact me to schedule an appointment) $50*/hour *locations outside of Boston may have an additional fee for travel time*
  • Lactation Office Visits (Contact me to schedule an appointment) $40/hour

Brigitte has worked with the following breastfeeding issues:

  • Latch & Nipple Comfort, Positioning, Q & A 
  • Breastfeeding on Demand & Scheduled Feedings
  • Tongue Tie, Posterior Tongue Tie, Lip Tie, Suck Disorders, & Transfer Issues
  • Oversupply & Suspected Low Supply
  • Clogged Ducts & Mastitis
  • Going Back to Work, Pumping & Storing Milk
  • How to Pump Efficiently
  • Supplementing with Pumped Milk, Donor Milk, & Formula
  • Bottle/ Cup Feeding, Syringe Feeding, SNS and Finger Feeding
  • Cosleeping, Bedsharing, Nursing In, & Power Pumping
  • Large Nipples, Flat Nipples, Inverted Nipples
  • Suspected Weight Gain Issues & Newborn Jaundice
  • Suspected Hypoplasia/ Low Glandular Tissue & PCOS
  • Night Weaning, Weaning, Drying Milk for Women who are not Breastfeeding
  • How Much, How Often & How to Feed a Breastfed Baby from the Cup/ Bottle 
  • Gas, Spit up, & Acid Reflux
  • Galactagogues, Breastfeeding Friendly Foods, Things to Avoid While Nursing
  • Resources for Nursing while taking Medications 
  • Educating about Nursing & Alcohol Consumption
  • Getting the Support you need
  • Breastfeeding at Work, in Public, while Traveling
  • Baby Led Weaning, When & How to Introduce Solids
  • Flexible Problem Solving: Finding what works for You, your Baby, & your Family